Why You Won’t See any 2020 Campaign Slogans from Trump

We are in the season of political conventions, which tells us the presidential election is just around the corner.  Last week, the Democratic Party wrapped up their 2020 convention with a passionate speech by the presidential nominee Joe Biden. It was the first virtual convention and except for the crowd of people dressed up in their convention regalia not present, it had the feel of a traditional convention.


By all accounts, the Dem’s virtual convention was a resounding success. With speakers like Pres Obama, Michelle Obama, Gov. Cuomo and others “lighting up” Trump for his failures and the risk he poses to the future of the country. Kamala Harris the VP nominee in her acceptance speech on Tuesday night demonstrated that she will be a formidable candidate that will use her prosecutorial skills to indict the Trump and his wayward administration.

The Republicans kicked off their virtual convention last night and they will be challenged to match or better the Dems convention. A challenge because they won’t have the crowd that Trump likes to play to, no catchy slogans, and no successful agenda to brag about.  With the COVID-19 taking the winds out of Trump’s sail, it will be interesting to see how they present their case for four more years.

Speaking of catchy slogans, Trump’s catchy slogans in his 2016 campaign were like a mantra at his campaign rallies. For his 2020 campaign, he has not produced any catchy slogans. Maybe it’s because he has been too preoccupied with things like his impeachment trial, his self-created scandals, COVID-19, and lawsuits pending in the New York court.


Another reason why Trump might be wary of campaign slogans is that he did not come anywhere near to fulfilling any of them. And with a dismal record of failures, deceptions, and scandals what slogans could he use that would resonate with Americans? Trump’s campaign slogans were nothing more than psychological projection of his flaws unto others and delusional grandiose statements conceived from his narcissistic mind.

The Democrats are in a good position to attack him with his own slogans. As shown in the graphics above, the Democrats can rephrase Trump’s slogans to their advantage and to expose his failures, stupidity, and lack of patriotism.

Trump being a narcissist does not know what Americans know: that his presidency has been the biggest presidential failure in US history. It took the COVID-19 pandemic to expose his naked leadership to the American people. Americans should have known that the businesses that he bankrupted was a strong sign that he could not run the most complex and powerful country in the world.

Americans who voted for Trump must recognize that the future of the country is at stake not the Republican Party. Therefore, even if you are a Republican or a patriotic American you have no choice but vote Trump and his enablers in the senate who are up for election too out of office. Remember, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Americans should not be fooled twice.

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