What Lessons Will America Learn From Donald Trump’s Failed Presidency?

On Saturday when the news media announced that Joe Biden was elected the 46th president of the USA people all over the world became euphoric. This was because for almost four years they had in one way or the other experienced the acrimonious leadership of Donald Trump. His constant tweets and comments that were full of vitriol, insults, vindictiveness, narcissism, grandiosity, and delusion.

America will never see a president like Donald Trump again – at least not for a very long time. He was like the 100-year flood. There are plenty of lessons to be learned from Trump’s presidency and plenty of initiatives that should be implemented to prevent someone like Trump getting an opportunity to become president.

America also need to do some deep evaluation as to why nearly half its population supported Trump despite his many flaws. Flaws that included blatant corruption, dishonesty, and unethical behavior. With the exception of his taxes and his relationship with Putin, Trump did everything openly and brazenly. Yet, his behavior was accepted and normalized by so many people.

Those who are celebrating Trump’s defeat are doing so because they truly feel like they can breathe freely again. For almost four years they have endured the constant blaming, whining, criticizing, and insulting of anyone or anything that was not favorable him to him. This is the kind of behavior that people naturally detest because it is simply irritating.

If there is one thing America can learn from the Trump’s chaotic and controversial presidency it is that an individual with serious character flaws, a lack of public office experience, and a lack of political experience cannot run a country like America. These three specific areas should be the primary criteria that political parties should use to pick and endorse presidential candidates.

Trump’s overall hollowness manifested itself in a behavior that offered no upliftment, hope, and a sense of well-being to Americans. Let me assure everyone including those who do not like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, that their administration will do much better than Trump because they don’t have Trump’s flaws that handicapped his leadership. And let me assure Americans that America is not going to become a socialist country and there won’t be an influx of immigrants from “shithole” countries.

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