Is Sabotage in the White House Possible?

There is a reason why companies immediately escort employees out of the building when they are fired. They know there is the possibility that the fired employee could sabotage their business if they are not removed immediately. With the presidential election in November, that possibility exists for the White House, but no one is paying attention to that.

On around midnight November 3rd, America will know if Donald Trump gets a second chance or mandate to continue his presidential abuse of power. To say that his first term has been unprecedented and controversial would be a gross understatement. Trump has not only acted like a dictator, he has compromised the constitution and the rule of law. What is alarming about all of this is he has not been held accountable for these things.

Because Trump has gotten away with all his bad deeds, there is a growing concern that if he loses the election in November, he will find a reason to not concede and stay in the White House. He has hinted at this by laying the groundwork that the election is going to be rigged because of mail in ballots. During his impeachment trial he put out the ominous messages that if he was impeached there would be a civil war. He has also said that if he loses the election, he will not accept the results – perhaps a coded message to incite violence.

Although Trump is predictable in some respect (painting a rosy picture for problems,  telling lies to defend himself or make himself look good, his inability to be tough with Vladimir Putin, and always taking a tough posture with China), his impulsiveness could drive him to do unpredictable things if he fails to get a second term in the White House.

One thing that no one has predicted until now, is that if Trump becomes a lame duck president, he could sabotage the White House.He would have plenty of time between the election and the inauguration of the new president to do that. Trump does not like losing and he would have all the motivation to engage in acts of sabotage.

What could Trump do to sabotage America, you ask? For starters, he could give Putin all the information he needs for him to advance Russia’s agenda. He has shown repeatedly that he is beholden to Putin and willing to do things that benefit him – exonerating his alleged interference of the election, trying to get him back in the G7, and being silent on the Russian bounty scandal.  He could also destroy classified documents that would incriminate him, and he could do things that are not in America’s national security interest.

The Republican Party and specifically its congressional members, have aided and abetted Trump in all his misdeeds by being silent and by defending him. And the American people to some degree are complicit in their silence and the lack of outrage of his blatant abuse of power. Imagine if Pres. Obama was involved in the Russian interference of the election scandal, kept silent on the Russian bounty scandal, used paramilitary forces on American streets, and fired federal employees who could exposed his wrongdoings or not do his bidding. There is no doubt that Americans would be outraged and demand his immediate removal from the White House.

The only thing that can prevent Trump sabotaging the White House, is that some form of emergency resolution is enacted to remove him from the White House immediately if he loses the election. That of course would be unprecedented and so the possibility of that happening though is very remote. So, America will have to hope that if he loses the election he wont sabotage the White House and the transition to a new president will not be as bad as some people think it might be.

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