A New Perspective on Race-related Problems in Corporate American Companies

Race-related problems in corporate companies are usually interpreted as racial job discrimination. In essence, racial job discrimination is the generic term of several racerelated problems that are rarely mentioned in public discourse and the corporate workplace. This book offers a perspective on these race related problems.

Solving complex problems related to racial issues in the corporate workplace depends on the ability to see the problem from a different perspective. Too often the focus of dealing with race related problems is on racial job discrimination. With this focus, little to no attention is given to the passive or invisible race-related problems that are precursors to racial job discrimination. The goal of this book is to provide the reader with a new perspective of understanding these problems.

A New Perspective on Race-Related Problems in Corporate American Companies is not just a typical book in the genre of race related problems in the corporate workplace. Instead, it is a book that attempts to put the broader race-related problems on the radar for all corporate employees. It does this by identifying the race-related problems; outlining their root causes; outlining the impact on nonwhite employees; providing strategies to resolve or cope with these problems; and proposing a program to help reduce these problems.💻

The author hopes that the reader will benefit from the information provided in this unique book. Most of all it is hoped that those who read this book will use the information provided to make the corporate workplace a positive and harmonious environment for all.